Alfred Robinson Misc. Issues

Miscellaneous Robinson Issues

Robinson's Fourth of July Token

Silver, 19.3mm

Copper, 20mm

Brass, 20mm

White metal, 19.4mm

Silvered brass, 20mm

Robinson's Non Dependens Status

Baker X-2A, copper, 28mm

Robinson's Fantasy Washington Cent

J. Doyle DeWitt, in his monograph on Alfred Robinson, states that Robinson
commissioned George H. to make dies for a Washington Cent dated 1789 but 
since there were no original pieces it was decided to pattern it after the 
Washington Half Dollar facsimile produced for William Idler. Neil Musante,
in "Medallic Washington", corrects this error and says this was an 
approximation of the Washington Cent created by John Gregory Hancock
dated 1791.
GW-16, Baker 14, copper, 31mm

GW-16, Baker 14B, silver, 31mm

Original Hancock's Large Eagle Cent 

(on line image)
Alfred S. Robinson Store Cards

Ct-Ha 10, copper, 27.8mm
 Possibly unique

Ct-Ha 11, silver, 27.5mm

Ct-Ha 12, silvered copper, 28mm
Ct-Ha 13, copper, 28mm

Ct-Ha 14, brass, 28mm

Ct-Ha 15, white metal, 27.4mm

Ct-Ha 16, copper nickel, 28mm

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