Washington Statues, Monuments & Memorials


Houdon Statue, Richmond

First obverse, Baker 315, copper, 27.8mm

First obverse, Baker 315A, silver, 27.8mm

Second obverse, Baker 316, copper, 27.8mm

Brown's Equestrian Statue, New York

Baker 317, silver, 51mm
(image courtesy of heritage)

Baker 317A, bronze, 50.5mm

Baker 317B, silvered white metal, 50.5mm

Washington New York Statue

First obverse, GW-518, Baker 318, copper, 27.8mm.

First obverse, GW-518, Baker 318A, silver, 27.8mm.


Baltimore Monument
Baker 323, silver, 20.7mm

Baker 323A, copper, 20.7mm

Baker 323B, bronze, 21mm
(on line image)

Baker 323C, brass, 21mm

Baker 323D, nickel, 21mm

Baker 323E, silvered white metal, 21mm
(on line image)

Soldiers Monument, Bridgeport, Conn.

     The Soldiers Monument  in Seaside Park, Bridgeport Connecticut is a 54 ft tall, marble and bronze tribute to those from the city who gave their lives during the during the Civil War. The foundation was laid in 1866 but it was not dedicated until August 17, 1876. Although the monument features bronze statues of both a soldier and sailor it has always been known as just the Soldiers Monument.

Baker V-324, Gilt bronze, 35mm

Baker unlisted, white metal, 35mm

Baker unlisted, bronze?, 35mm
(image courtesy of Jonathan Brecher)
Original silk ribbon for the 1888 Grand Celebration
Baker list only the gilt bronze variety and I have one record of this variety having been sold in a 2005 Heritage sale; all the other recent sales of these have been the white metal type. Is the bronze version above one that was struck and the gilt never added or was it intended to be bronze only? And note the odd feature at the top that is part of the original striking. Was this reinforcing for the eagle clasp that is pictured in Baker?
     Baker does not list the engraver for this piece but the name "Lovett" can be seen on the truncation of the bust.