Civil War Events

Medals Depicting Civil War Events

Fort Sumter / Maj. Anderson Medal

Silver, 70.7mm
(image courtesy of Alan Weinberg - The Zabriskie Collection)

Bronze, 70.7mm

White metal (silver plated?), 70.7mm

Bombardment of Fort Sumter Medal - Type I

HK 11, white metal, 34mm

HK 11b, brass, 34mm
(image courtesy of an anonymous collector)

HK 11c, copper, 34mm

HK 11f, silver, 34mm
(image courtesy of Bruce Thomas)

A silver variety of this medal is not listed in the So-called Dollars
catalog and was seemingly unknown until this example was
certified by NGC in November of 2017.

Bombardment of Fort Sumter Medal - Type II

HK 11a, brass, 34mm
(on line image)

HK 11d, white metal, 34mm
(image courtesy of Stacks Bowers)

HK 11e, copper, 34mm
(image courtesy of Heritage)

This reverse is also found with a George McClellan Campaign medalet
from 1864 and that may have been the original combination.  The obverse
of this campaign medalet is also found with the obverse of HK 11 but is
not listed in the So-Called Dollars catalog, probably because it is a
political piece. DeWitt list it as GMcC 1864-8(D) but does not
indicate what metals it is found in. Below is a silver example.

DeWitt GMcC 1864-8(D), silver, 33.8mm

Monitor / Merrimac Medalet

Schenkman MM4, copper, 31mm

Schenkman MM4, brass, 31mm

Schenkman MM4, silver, 31mm
     Lot 1834 in a Bang's, Merwin & Co. Sale, January 1863, was a set of these tokens described as copper, brass, and tin. Could they have mistaken a silver example for tin? I am not aware of the existence of any tin or white metal examples.

Electrotype, 31.08mm