Isaac F Woods Memorial Series


Wood's Memorial Series Medal - Boston Numismatic Society / N.E. Historic Geneological Society

Type 1
Ma-Bo 13, brass, 31.3mm

Ma-Bo 13B, copper, 31.3mm

Ma-Bo 13C, silver - 100%, 31.3mm

1. The Memorial Medal of the Boston Numismatic and New England Historic-Genealogical Societies, noticed on the last page of the American Journal of Numismatics for January, 1874. The obverse bears a fac simile of the seal of the Boston Numismatic Society, date of incoqjoration, etc.; legend, " Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant," " 1873," the four stars on each side of the date indicating the military rank of the Chief Magistrate during whose administration the medal has been struck. On the reverse is an elaborate reproduction of the seal of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, with a legend referring to both societies, "Twin delvers in the garden of history." The size is 20. The dies were executed by George H. Lovett, of New York, for Mr. I. F. Wood, the medal being the fourth of his "series." The issue in silver is strictly limited to twenty-five, price $ 2 each. In brass or copper, 60 cents each, or $1 the set of two. Early application is solicited from those desiring the medal, as the dies will shortly be canceled, Mr. Wood's invariable rule where any issue is limited, in order to protect collectors from fraud, and the possibility of future muling.
(from "The Banker's Magazine and Historical Register, Volume Twenty-Eighth, from July1873 to June 1874 inclusive", published by I. Smith Homans, Jr., New York)
"The Standard Catalog of United States Tokens" list an example of this medal in silvered brass but this may have been done later as the above article does not mention this version.

Type 2,
Copper, 31.25mm

Brass, 31.3mm
                  The only difference between this variety and the Type 1 is a small "D No. 2" incused on the obverse. I have not been able to observe many individual pieces to see if they were added by hand after striking or part of the die. Was this done by George H. or Isaac Woods? And why?