Washington Introduction


     Medals and tokens with George Washington's image began appearing before his death and continue to be produced today.  Washington's image appears on more numismatic items than does the image of any other American historic figure, with Lincoln likely a close second. And I would venture to say that George H. Lovett engraved and struck more of these than any other American medalist. He once said that he would place Washington's image on anything if it would sell. And he did! A quick perusal of "Medallic Portraits of Washington" shows his name appearing more frequently than any other engraver.
      For convenience sake I have chosen to arrange this section according to the categories in the current edition of "Medallic Portraits of Washington" by Russell Rulau and George Fuld. At some future point in my cataloging efforts I may modify this but it is an excellent starting point and the attributions will be familiar to most exonumismatist.