Isaac F Woods Miscellaneous


Fredericksburgh Lodge Medal

Baker 298, bronze, 51mm

Baker 298A, white metal, 51mm

Baker 298B, gilt white metal, 51mm

Mount Vernon Chapter Medal

Baker 306, silver, 31mm

Baker 306A, bronze, 31mm

Baker 306B, aluminum, 31mm

Baker 306C, white metal, 31.5mm

Fit Keystone Medal

Baker 408, silver, 31mm

Baker 408A, bronze, 31.5mm

Baker 408B, white metal, 31mm

Baker 408C, copper, 31mm

New York Medal Club Series No. 1

Baker 200, silver, 31mm
(image courtesy of Stacks-Bowers)

Baker 200A, bronze, 31mm

Baker 200B, copper, 31.5mm

New York Medal Club Series No. 2

Marvin 280, silver, 31.5mm

Marvin 280, bronze, 31mm

Marvin 280, copper, 31mm

Taber / Parsons Wedding Medal

NY-Tg 1, silver, 27.6mm

Woods had George H. engrave and strike this medal for the wedding
of his friend Edward Parsons. Very scarce, I only know of this piece
and another silver example in the ANS collection. George H. later muled
the reverse die with 3 of his Washington dies; these are listed in
Medallic Washington as GW-847, 848, and 849.

General U.S. Grant Civis Edinburgensis Medalet

Silver, 21mm

NY-NY 395, brass, 21mm

NY-NY 395A, copper, 21mm

An auction catalog description of this medal says it was
struck in conjunction with ex-president Grant's visit to Edinburgh
Scotland as part of his Grand Tour around the world.

General U.S. Grant Civis Londiniensis Medalet

Type 1 - no "I.F.W DES."
Silver, 21mm

Brass, 21mm

Type 2 - with "I.F.W Des." 
Brass, 21mm

Copper, 21mm
. The reverse of this piece is a pun referring to the destruction of the CSS 'Alabama' off the coast of France. "Civic Grant for Alabama Claims Civis Londiniensis June 15 1877" and signed "I. F. W. Des". The 'Alabama' was a screw sloop-of-war built in Liverpool in 1862 for the Confederacy, and was used as a commerce raider. For two years it caused great damage to merchant vessels as it sailed the oceans, and by 1864 was the world's most famous naval vessel. In June 1864 it put into Cherbourg, France, and when it came out of port it was sunk by the USS 'Kearsarge'. The legal claims surrounding the CSS 'Alabama' were in the courts for over a decade.

General U.S. Grant Born at Point Pleasant Medalet

Silver, 21mm

Copper, 21mm

Brass, 21mm

      A note from Joe Levine indicated that in Chapman's 1894 sale of the I.F. Wood Collection there were 5 silver, 43 copper, and 42 brass pieces offered.

White metal?, 21mm
An example of this piece described as white metal was in a PCAC Auction in December of 1991. I have seen no others and have not see a white metal example of the other two in the series.

1850 Large Cent with Grant die overstrike, copper, probably unique
(image courtesy of Stacks-Bowers)