Washington Centennials of Revolutionary Events


Assumed Command 1775 - First Obverse

GW-857, Baker 438, silver, 27.8mm

GW-857, Baker 438A, gilt copper, 27.9mm

GW-857, Baker 438B, bronze, 27.8mm

GW-857, Baker 438C, white metal, 27.8mm
This small medalet of George H's I think is one of his best works.
The oval containing the Washington bust, the contrasting satin
and prooflike surfaces, and simply the overall design and fine
engraving make it an exquisite piece.

Assumed Command 1775 - Second Obverse

Baker 439, silver, 27.8mm

Baker 439A, gilt copper alloy (90.32% copper, 5.88% zinc, 4.11% gold, trace of silver and gallium), 28.1mm

Baker 439B, bronze, 27.8mm

Baker 439C, white metal, 27.8mm

Lovett's Battle Series - First Obverse
     George H. Lovett engraved and struck this series of 8 medals, commemorating 8 Revolutionary War battles, for the Centennial Celebration of the war. They were struck in silver, bronze, and white metal with sets being priced at $14, $4, and $2 respectively. A case for the set could be purchased for $1.00.
     In "Medallic Portraits of Washington" Rulau gives both bronze and white metal versions rarity ratings of R5 - 75 to 199. Appearances of these medals would indicate the bronze version being much rarer. The So-Called Dollars catalog does rate the bronze pieces as R6 - 21 to 75 known.
      Besides the white metal set with original case pictured here I know of two others; I am also aware of one bronze set in an original case. I am currently not aware of any in silver.

Moore's Creek Bridge, No. 1

Baker 440, silver, 34mm

Baker 440A, bronze, 34mm

Baker 440B, white metal, 34mm

Sullivan's Island, No. 2

Baker 441, silver, 34mm

Baker 441A, bronze, 34mm

Baker 441B, white metal, 34mm

  Long Island, No. 3

Baker 442, silver, 34mm
(on line image)

Baker 442A, bronze, 34mm
(image courtesy of Gregory Bowe)

Baker 442B, white metal, 34mm

Harlem Plains, No. 4

Baker 443, silver, 34mm
(on line image)

Baker 443A, bronze, 34mm
Baker 443B, white metal, 34mm

Lake Champlain, No. 5

Baker 444, silver, 34mm

Baker 444A, bronze, 34mm
(on line image)

Baker 444B, white metal, 34mm

White Plains, No. 6

Baker 445, silver, 34mm

Baker 445A, bronze, 34mm

Baker 445B, white metal, 34mm

Fort Washington, No. 7

Baker 446, silver, 34mm
(image courtesy of Jeff Shevlin)

Baker 446A, bronze, 34mm
(image courtesy of Heritage)

Baker 446B, white metal, 34mm

Trenton, No. 8

Baker 447, silver, 34mm

Baker 447A, bronze, 34.2mm

Baker 447B, white metal, 34mm

Original case of issue

A complete set of the Battle Series medals in bronzed white metal sold
in a Stacks Bowers auction November 11, 2020. The lot description reads
"A curious set and the only one we have ever encountered. The set is fairly well-matched though the unique surfacing seems to have been done post-striking, as the texture is lightly granular. The patinas range from deep olive and steel to dark steel brown, some with a bit of surface mottling. Still, even a quick glance reveals these to be a completely original set. Unknown to Baker, Rulau and Fuld, Hibler and Kappen and Musante, and perhaps even unique in this format. 
I have not seen not heard of any other bronzed white metal examples so I 
assume this was created by someone from original white metal strikes, either to
attempt to fool others or simply to create a novelty.

 Lovett's Battle Series - Second Obverse

     George H. combined all eight reverse dies from the Battle Series with his July 4, 1876 die to produce another series of medals struck in silver, bronze, copper, and white metal. Although they are given the same rarity ratings as the first obverse varieties, auction and other sales records indicate they are much scarcer.

Harlem Plains, No. 4
Baker 448B-4, copper, 34mm

Newburgh Medals

Centennial of Peace
Baker 455, white metal, 31mm
This is listed as the work of Robert Jr. in the Baker reference
but this would have been after his death so must be the work of
George H..

Baker 455M, silver, 31mm

Centennial Celebration - First Obverse

Baker 456, silver, 25mm

Baker 456A, copper, 25mm

Baker 456B, bronze, 25mm

Baker 456C, white metal, 25mm

Centennial Celebration - Second Obverse

GW-994, copper, 27.6mm

Peace Proclaimed

Baker 461, white metal, 32mm
This is also listed as the work of Robert Jr. but was most likely the
of his brother George H.